Chan Association Spring Banquet And Scholarship Awards 2017

The Chan associations, “Chan Wing Chung Tong and Gee How Oak Tin Association” had their annual spring banquet! A big congratulations to this year’s Gee How Oak Tin Scholarship Award Winners!

President Jimmy Chan was very happy to get together with everyone again for this special event. He writes:

I want to thank all of our Chinese community leaders, our families, our friends, all the Chinese associations in our community, our distinguished guests, and our Chinese Consul Mr. Shan Chenglin for attending our annual “Montreal Chan Wing Chung Ton Association” and our “Montreal Gee How Oak Tin Association” Spring celebration banquet on Tuesday April 18th 2017.

A year passed by so fast. So many new visions and projects within our Chinese community! We need to work together with a common goal as one community. Our voice will be heard and our visions will be reached with our young Chinese generation to grow with our dreams together and make them to become reality. This year our Chan association scholarship committee have selected five ( 5 ) BEST scholarship winners according to their honor-roll achievements at their school and their marks from their school report cards.

The #1 best student as a scholarship winner is “Janet Chan” – A “Top A” student and achieved 2 outstanding honor rolls from McGill. She just got accepted to study as a medical student in McGill to become a medical doctor one day. Congratulation Janet Chan!

And the 2nd Best student selected by our scholarship committee is “Jonathan Chan”( my son ) with high mark honor roll student. His vision is to become an aerospace engineer one day. His outstanding focus and excellent commitment on all of his school projects were an inspiration to all his classmates, teachers and of course myself and our family. Jonathan was not able to attend the banquet and to receive his scholarship award due to his heavy projects and school work in school. His sister ( our daughter Elizabeth Chan) received his award on his behalf. She is in the center picture with me and Consul Mr. Shan Chenglin. Congratulations Jonathan and keep up the good work !

Have a fantastic great year with all good things come to everyone with good health, and see you all next year 2018!!!

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