Jimmy Chan is the president of the Gee How Oak Tin Association of Montreal, and is also the president of the Chin Wing Chun Tong Association of Montreal, as well as the Chan Association of Montreal.

Jimmy Chan has been involved with the Montreal Chinese community ever since he was a teenager, always volunteering his time to help with community events and to promote the Chinese traditions to the downstream of Quebec and Montreal.

Jimmy’s father-in-law, Mr. Paul Woo was one of the immigrants who helped build Montreal’s Chinatown. He had spent a lot of time, effort and energy into helping other new Chinese people immigrate to Montreal. He also helped them find jobs as well as helped them settle in a place where they could live with their families. Mr. Paul Woo owned the very first grocery store in Chinatown called Dai Hing Groceries. He also owned a large restaurant in the heart of Chinatown called Joy Inn Restaurant.

Mr. Paul Woo was also one of the founders of the Chan Gee How Oak Tin and Win Ching Ton associations in Montreal Chinatown. Before he passed away, Mr. Paul Woo asked Jimmy to continue his mission and service to Chinatown by joining the Chan associations. Jimmy has continued to carry on Paul Woo’s legacy as the president of several Chinese associations of Montreal.

Jimmy is also a promoter of cultural exchange, creating opportunities and events for the Chinese community to interact with other communities around Montreal, so that the Chinese community may expand their networks and create new opportunities for growth and friendship across all communities.

Jimmy makes it his mission to create opportunities for the youth to explore their artistic talents. He promotes the importance of balancing academic pursuits with development of artistic talents and interests. By creating programs and events, Jimmy has helped many youth in the community expand their talents, while reaching their academic goals.

Jimmy founded the humanitarian organization One World, One Humanity in honour of his dear friend, Tom Chan, who was an Olympic Weightlifter who represented Montreal. Tom Chan helped many of the youth achieve their dreams and was a huge role model for Jimmy. Tom Chan was a very generous man and followed a philosophy of hard work and service to others, as he always helped those who were in need. Jimmy founded the One World, One Humanity Humanitarian Mission to continue Tom Chan