Chinese Ancient Valentine’s Day and Final Day of Chinese New Year Lantern Festival

Today is China’s ancient Valentine’s Day. It is the Lantern Festival and is the final day of Chinese New Year celebrations. If you look in the sky right now as I am, you will see that there is a clear sky with a big full moon above us. If you look it up, you will learn that the 2000 year old myth is true.

Our Montreal Chan Wing Chun Ton and Gee How Oak Tin Association today had a celebration in our Chinatown association with many friends and members from the Chan dynasty. We all came together today to celebrate China’s ancient Valentine’s Day and the final day of Chinese New Year celebration.

In the above video, you will learn something about our Chinese tradition for this special event. Our president Jimmy Chan took today off from work just for this and it meant a lot to him to be part of this event.

In the video, you will see we used a whole pig and many chickens, noodles, rice and fine wine, and incense to worship and to give our respects to our ancestors, our Chan dynasty emperor from hundreds of years ago in China, and the high spirits above, offering the traditional foods to them. You will also see plenty of home made Chinese pastries, buns and cakes. We offered them all to the Gods for their blessings for the new year. We all shared the food and drinks and had a good time at the celebration.

On behalf of our Chan dynasty and association members, we wish all of you a happy Ancient Chinese Valentine’s Day and a happy Chinese Lantern Festival. We wish you all prosperity, love, happiness and success in everything that you do.

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